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About ITBS

ITBS is more than just a student home. It's a student community that welcomes every resident with a warm heart. We offer accommodation to approximately 70 international students. We do more than just offering accommodation. We want the students to feel home away from home. It is not just a regular student house, but a meeting place for students from all over the world.

We want to contribute to stop the migration flow by giving international students the opportunity to study over here and to shine in their own country. We do not support them to stay over here.

ITBS is a family organization. 

The granddaughter, Cathy Cottry, of the founder is managing the houses today.

Meet our board of directors:

Anne Broeckx, Managing Director
Nico Cottry, Chair
Cathy Cottry, member
Yves Van der Schoot, member

The mission of ITBS

ITBS provides accommodation to students, PhD students and trainees from Africa, Asia and Latin America. ITBS consists of 3 student houses, located around Antwerp.

We also organize social cultural activities to connect the students with each other and enlarge their support group. We connect them to the Belgian culture through these activities. We are supported and recognized by DGD (Governmental Agency for Development Cooperation – Dienst Ontwikkelingssamenwerking en Humanitaire Hulp).

Cathy and her husband are there to help you out with any kind of problems or questions you have. 

They help you to find a suitable room, with administrative formalities required by the local governments, etc. They can help you find your way around Antwerp and are also there when you just need to chat.

On this website you can find the information you need about our houses and rooms. You can also browse through the many pictures. We wish you a nice time discovering our website and hope to welcome you soon in one of our houses.

What others say about ITBS

I couldn't have asked for a better place to stay during my time at the University of Antwerp. ITBS offers affordable student rooms, and the location is unbeatable – just a stone's throw from the university. What made it even more special was the fact that many of my friends who studied at the University of Antwerp also called ITBS home. It truly felt like a community, and I couldn't have asked for a more comfortable and welcoming place to live during my studies.


At ITBS I found a place that offers everything you need to live in Antwerp as a student. I felt very comfortable with my spacious room, a courtyard where I could have a beer, a kitchen where I enjoyed cooking and a privileged location that allowed me to carry out all my activities: jogging in the park, shopping, food, nightlife, and of course, next to the University so you won´t miss your first class!

Joaquin C.B.

My stay at ITBS was quite pleasant. The location is central and accessible for cycling to the university. My room was quite comfortable and the house is ideal for students. I loved the living room which is quite spacious and where you can relax at ease, as well as the study area. The garden is large enough for outdoor activities and the kitchen has everything you need to cook on a daily basis. I had a great time at ITBS, it was a home for me and a place to share with my housemates as well.

Michell A.F.V
BE 0410.182.415
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