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House - Kattenstraat

Our house located in the Kattenstraat is a big house with a nice and friendly atmosphere. The building counts up to 35 rooms, the 8 studios included.

Three fully equipped kitchens make this house a nice place to live. Here the students can find each other and are given the opportunity to chat and cook together.

The large courtyard gives a pleasant change, especially in the summer! Barbecues and joyful summernights are very common. The polyvalent room in Kattenstraat can be used for all sorts of events: parties, diners, studying together.

Countless students already had an amazing time in our house!

Most of all the Kattenstraat building is located right in the student area of Antwerp, within 10 minutes walk from the Central Station and very close to of some of the popular student pubs at the Ossenmarkt. UA city campus, the Institute of Transport and Maritime Management (C-MAT) and the IOB (Institute of Development Policy and Management) are just around the corner!

What others say about this house

I'm Trang, a Vietnamese student, and I highly recommend the ITBS student housing. I knew about this place through a strong recommendation from both my university and the Vietnamese community. One of my favorite things about ITBS is the helpful and responsive staff. I also receive a thoughtful living-in-Antwerp guidebook, which really helps me as an international student. However, it's necessary to have a welcoming attitude and prioritize cleanliness, especially in shared spaces.

Trang K.D.

I couldn't have asked for a better place to stay during my time at the University of Antwerp. ITBS offers affordable student rooms, and the location is unbeatable – just a stone's throw from the university. What made it even more special was the fact that many of my friends who studied at the University of Antwerp also called ITBS home. It truly felt like a community, and I couldn't have asked for a more comfortable and welcoming place to live during my studies.


I am Ahmed NUR, from Somalia. I studied and graduated from the Institute of Development Policy (IOB) – University of Antwerp, with the Advanced Master Program in Governance and Development. During my one-year study, ITBS was my home! Proud to say It is an amazing home that is equipped and enables students to succeed, that is less than 100 meters away from
the study campus, and that is economical compared to the market price. 

As many of you know or experienced already, accommodation is a major challenge for international students. But with ITBS, much of that burden was relieved from my shoulders and
the shoulders of many other students, allowing us to focus on our studies, help each other, and feel at home.  

 It could be yours too if you are planning to study in Belgium, particularly in the city of Antwerp. You can enjoy your stay and studies in Belgium with the ambiance of ITBS as we all did during
our memorable one-year stay. 

With the support of the ITBS staff, their kindness, and above all, their gracious consideration of your personal issues, your stay at IBS will forever be fixated in your mind, and you will feel
nostalgic after you leave the building. I want to welcome you to ITBS Antwerpen – Belgium – it is not a student Kot.


Ahmed N.
BE 0410.182.415
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